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My very first car.

Saturday, August 1st, 2009.
For making one of my dreams coming true (see the Holiady 2009 page) I decided to buy a car. While being infected with the Italian virus, my choices were pretty limited to Italian cars only. I find those often the best looking cars, and they drive rather good too. It had to be a nice car to travel with, but not too expensive (yeah, my wallet has its limitations). The first pick was a Fiat Grande Punto, a nice looking car (you might notice some Maserati similarities in it). On the internet I found a couple of these. I decided it had to have a 1.4-liter engine (8v or 16v), 3 doors, preferably no light grey colour and preferably an airco as well. Not that many wishes, but my list got shortened to about 3 cars. On a particular Saturday my dad and I went to a store in Beerzerveld, where we found a car that matched my wishes. After making a test-drive, I was already quite sure it had to be this one. But as it is quite some investment, I took my time to think about making the decision. Seeing the chance be very limited to find a car with more options for a nicer price, I decided to take this one. Just over 2 years old, driven just over 40k kilometers, and looking very pretty. On May 1st I went again to the dealer to actually get my car (they had to make it ready and do a final check-up).
On this certain day (August 1st) I went out for a trip through the region and took my photo camera with me to take some nice photos of my car. A selection of those can been seen in the following Photo album. I hope you like it!