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On the beach at Zandvoort.

Thursday, August 18th, 2005.
During the last week of my summer holiday, I decided (after hearing about the nautic Sail 2005 event in Amsterdam and also that the weather report predicted great weather) to take the train and spend the day out. As I was allowed to travel for free with my public transport card, I first decided that it would be nice to visit the beach at Zandvoort and spend some time there before going to Amsterdam. After some problems with the trains (there was a train derailed a couple days earlier in Amsterdam, so they were still repairing things), I arrived in Zandvoort. In the Photo album you can see some photos that I took, along with some descriptions. The two hour walk on the beach was really nice, but I did not stay longer as it was time to go to Amsterdam to see some beautiful ships and to experience the atmosphere there at Sail 2005. You can go to the Sail 2005 page to read about my experiences there, and of course I posted many photos there too.