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Several photos of beautiful clouds and nice skies.

Nice and pleasant photos which I took during the past years (1).
In nature you see a lot of beautiful things and even more beautiful moments. Photographing clouds and the sky isn't that difficult, but it's often a matter of a few seconds. Besides these photos, you can also see beautiful photos of sunsets in this Photo album. There aren't really interesting descriptions, as the images themselves say more than a 1000 words can describe. All the photos in this section were made by my mobile phone (Nokia 6230).

Nice and pleasant photos which I took during the past years (2).
At the beginning of 2006 I bought myself a brand new compact digital photocamera. It's a Canon PowerShot A520 and I bought it while I was planning to go to some Stream of Passion gigs. I simply had to get good photos of that, instead of using my mobile phone. But of course I could take many other photos with this camera, and so I did. The best ones that I took of the clouds and sky are in the following Photo album. When I have some new ones, I will put them in this album, so be sure to come back regularly.
Recently I introduced a new feature to this page. With some photo editing software I have been able to produce panorama shots of some of the photos I took. Here I want to show you these. The first three are taken from my bedroom window, looking out over the graveyard behind our house. Click the links to open the photos: Panorama photo (taken on August 12th, 2006), Panorama photo (April 4th, 2007) and another Panorama photo (May 2nd, 2007). This Panorama photo is, until now, the latest one I took. It was taken on May 6th, 2008.