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The Fantastyval at the country seat Wouwse Plantage.

Saturday, October 17th, 2009 ~ Reincarnatus.
Recently I read that Mostly Autumn would come to a Dutch festival. It is the 'Fantastyval' which is located at the country seat Wouwse Plantage. On top of that, Stream of Passion would give a performance at the festival too. So I thought it was worth checking this festival out.
Early on this Saturday I travelled together with my uncle to the far south of our country. Once we arrived we made a short walk over the festival area (we got pretty amazed by all the things we saw) and got to the place were the concerts were held. Suddenly I met Marcela and had a short conversation with her (Hey, that's been a long time ago!). At the same time the Dutch folk band Reincarnatus was playing. This band plays medieval songs with a modern touch (rock / pop). It became clear that they even played (remake) medieval instruments together with modern instruments. This created a really cool atmosphere, and you could clearly see the passion with which they performed their music. A real pleasure! You can see a couple nice shots of Reincarnatus' performance in the Photo album. Oh, on top of that I bought their album 'Media vita' after the show. It appears to be a really cool album and is definitely worth checking out!

Saturday, October 17th, 2009 ~ Stream of Passion.
When the show of Reincarnatus was over, it was a short wait till Stream of Passion entered the stage. This is the first time I would see the band in their new line-up. It was easy to see they are still as enthusiastic as when I saw them the last time. The spirit was really there! It was a bummer actually that the sound was pretty poor. A couple instruments and the vocals got overwhelmed by the sound of the drums and the bass gitar. It appeared like a wall of noise, instead of nice music. The songs of their debut album were very well noticeble, but their new ones didn't do much to me (probably it's not my cup of tea anymore). Also the lighting was pretty poor, as you can see at the photos in the Photo album. Check it out!

Saturday, October 17th, 2009 ~ Mostly Autumn.
Now it was time for the band I was really longing for: Mostly Autumn. Our dear friends from York created a really nice atmosphere and it was great to see them enjoying theirselves. They played a set of pure classics, but it was a great succes. It was a pity not that many people showed up at their performance. Another nice thing was to see the full band's line-up. In the Photo album you can see (nearly) all of them. A very positive thing is that both the sound and lighting were pretty good. So you'd better check the photos out right now!