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Abraham visited my dad.

Monday, March 20th, 2006.
It's a Dutch tradition that when someone turns 50, he or she 'sees' respectively Abraham or Sarah. This is often celebrated in a funny way. With my dad about to turn 50, we started making a life-size Abraham doll for my dad. It is also customary to relate it to specific characteristics of the person, such as a hobby, a weird habit or a funny experience in the past. So during the previous week we (my uncles, my sister and I) worked on the preparation of our Abraham. In the Photo album you can see the photos of an Italian Ducati motorbike (my dad has one) and a racing-driver-Abraham sitting on it. The motorbike was made of an old stripped-down motorcycle with some wooden plates attached to it. The overall of the doll was stuffed with straw and we put an old helmet on the doll's head. It was quite cold in the garage when we building it, but we had many good laughs every night!

Thursday, March 23rd, 2006.
It was my father's birthday today. On the night before, we put all the things we built in our garden. The family from my mother's side had made a truckdriver-Abraham. In the Photo album you can see what our garden looked like for the next couple of days. The Abraham on the motorbike had a lightbulb under his helmet, so during the evening it created a special atmosphere.