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My complete music collection.

Information about this page.
The 177 albums and singles listed below are all originals and currently in my collection. I bought most of them during the last few years. I have also gotten a couple of items by winning contests and some I have gotten from other sources. I've sorted all items into alphabetical order, and items by the same artist are in chronological order. This keeps things clear on this page. Some foreign or promo versions are not listed when the original album already is. If you are interested in a detailed list of all my albums and singles (including these other versions), then take a look at my Music overview, which is an Excel spreadsheet (329 kb). As well as this list, I have also made a list of albums and singles which I am still searching for. You can see these items in my Music wishlist (37 kb).
On the Music list page you can see all the albums and singles I have in MP3 format in my collection. This list is so long that working with front covers would make the page load extremely slow, so I changed the lay-out a bit. Anyway, feel free to take a look around. The music playing on this page is made possible by the permission of Mostly Autumn.