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An open air concert by Marillion in Almelo.

Wednesday, May 2nd, 2007.
On this beautiful sunny day in May I went to an open air concert by the British prog-rock band Marillion in Almelo. That night they would play a full length show in Hardenberg, but the local MusicStore arranged a promotional show on the market square in Almelo. First there was some funky unknown singer on stage, and after a delay of more than an hour Marillion finally got on stage to play some semi-acoustic tracks at around 15:30. The crowd -- the whole market square was full of people -- was listening to the beautiful music of this famous band. The interaction between the band and the crowd was really funny at times. It had all the ingredients for a successful afternoon. In the Photo album you can find a nice selection of photos that I took during the concert.
In fact this was actually the first time that I heard Marillion play without their famous lead singer Fish, but the music was impressive too. The show in Hardenberg had already been sold out for a long time, but if they come again I will definitely try to get myself a ticket. When the concert was over and the band signed their new album and sold it to their greatest fans, I bought myself an older album of Marillion (with Fish) for a nice price. Then it was time to get the train to get back home...